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Alberto Guijarro Rey

‘Primavera Sound Festival’ Co-director

Current, ‘Primavera Sound Festival’ Co-director
Former, ‘Catalan Music Venue Association ASACC’ Director
- founded ‘Producciones Animadas’, spreading the club culture to Spain
- run one of the most well-known club in Spain ‘Sala Apolo’ since 1995
- established ‘Primavera Sound Festival’ in 2001

Alexandr Supurn(Russia)

Licensing Producer, Music Supervisor, Musician

- Licensing Producer, Music Supervisor, Musician
- A Professional who worked in Russian music industry for over 10 years
- started his career in Nikitin Recording Company in 2006, managing Warner Music from 2008 to 2013
- Fancy State Manager (main task: musical supervising, commercial ads licensing)

Apryl Peredo(USA/Japan)

Interidoru Artist Manager

Current, Interidoru Artist Manager
- Tokyo-based Artist Managing Director
- Coordinator/Organizer of Fry Street Fair
- 2016 SXSW speaker: abut Japanese music industry

Charles Caldas(UK)

‘Merlin Network’ CEO

Current 'Merlin Network' CEO
- manage digital copyright related 700 companies from 43 countries
- represent 20,000 labels
- manage digital distribution on behalf of the world’s leading digital distribution platform

Christopher Sampson(USA)

Superfly CEO

Current, Superfly CEO
Former, Artist Manager of Red Light Management
- managing artist booking and programming of festivals under Superfy, such as Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival, Outside Lands Music & Art Festival, and Great Googa Mooga.
- spent over a decade working with musicians and artists as an artist manager at Red Light Management

Delphine Grospiron

Head of MIDEM Live Department

Current Head of MIDEM Live Department
- Founder of MIDEM Artist Accelerator
- worked at Nous Production, a French tour agency
- worked at Philharmonie de Paris, a venue in Paris

Giorgio Moroder(Italy)

Godfather of electro music, new wave, house, techno music

Godfather of electro music, new wave, house, techno music
Founder of ‘Oasis Records’
- Founder of Munich Musicland Studio
- worked with Led Zeppelin, Queen, Elton John
- Composer of 1988 Seoul Olympic theme song 'Hand in Hand'

Gumilang Ramadhan(Malaysia)

'PT.Musica Studios' Managing Director

Current 'PT.Musica Studios' Managing Director
Former 'BMG Entertainment' Managing Director
- 'RIS MUSIC' A&R Director, developing Indonesian artists
- 'KAMA Records' Managing Director

James Minor(USA)

'SXSW Music Festival' General Manager

Current, 'SXSW Music Festival' General Manager
Former, Booking Manager, Promotion Manager
- 2004 RVNG Int’l Event Director
- 2004 33 Degrees Manager
- 2004 Emo’s booking/promotion Manager
- 2006 Rothko Manager
- 2009 Foxtrot Band Manager

John Kastner

CMW LA Music Programmer

Current, CMW LA Music Programmer
Former, ‘Asexuals’ Vocal
- ‘Doughboys’ and ‘All Systems Go!’ Guitarist/Vocal
- ‘Bran Van 3000’ Guitarist
- started the band ‘All Systems Go!’ with Frank Daly and Mark Arnold in1998
- participated in ‘Bran Van 3000’ in 2008, and reunited ‘Asexuals’ in 2010
- participated in many film/TV shows sound track
- CMW Music Programmer since 2013

Katja Hermes(UK)

‘Sound Diplomacy’ Germany branch Manager

Current, ‘Sound Diplomacy’ Germany branch Manager
Former, ‘Mutek Festival’, ‘Ableton & Initiative Musik’ Export Manager
- hold ‘SXSW Festival Germany’
- participated in funding project such as ‘Institute Poland’, ‘Nordic Embassies Berlin’
- ‘Dugnad’ Co-developer

Kim Hyung Suk(Korea)

K Note Music Academy Director

- K Note Music Academy Director
- Professor of Seoul Arts College
- Professor of Department of Postmodern Music, Kyung Hee University
- 2003 Korea Broadcasting Awards (Composition Award) Winner
- A professional songwriter who worked with some Korean famous artists such as JYP, Si-Kyung Sung.

Martin Elbourne(UK)

‘The Great Escape In Brighton’ Creative Director/Co-founder

Current ‘The Great Escape In Brighton’ Creative Director/Co-founder
- Main Booker of ‘Glastonbury Festival’
- Co-founder/Consultant of 'M for Montreal'
- Co-founder/Consultant of India 'NH7 Festival'
- Co-founder/Consultant of 'Music City Convention'


‘Don’t Panic! We’re From Poland’/’Cuture.pl’/AMI Director

Current, Don’t Panic! We’re From Poland’/’Cuture.pl’/AMI Director
- Independent Music Concert Booking/Programming Agent
- Warsaw Contemporary Art Center Music Curator
- Adam Mickiewicz Institute Director/Programmer

Miguel Santos(Philippines)

Myx TV General Manager

Current, Myx TV General Manager
Former, Head of Production and On Air Promotions for MTV Philippines
- helped Myx TV join the ranks of highly prestigious entertainment companies
- produced shows aired on various MTV channels across Asia.

Nikhil Chinapa(India)

VH1 Supersonic Festival Curator

Current, ‘VH1 Supersonic Festival’ Curator
Former, ‘MTV Select’ VJ
- ‘Fame X’ Judge
- Judge of ‘India’s Got Talent’season 2
- Judge of ‘MTV Rock n’
- Judge of ‘MTV Roadies’ season 4, 5, 7
- Host of ‘MTV Splitsvilla’ season 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Paul Cheetham

Reeperbahn Festival Global Project Manager

Current, Reeperbahn Festival Global Project Manager
Former, Live Nation Global Art Booking & Developing Manager
- 2011 ‘Popkomm’ Music Manager
- 2013 ‘SSC Group’ Managing Director
- 2014 Berlin Music Week Global Relations Manager
- 2014 Heartburst Management Director
- 2014 Nordic Playlist Project Manager

Shen Lihui(China)

‘Modern Sky’ CEO

Current 'Modern Sky' CEO
Founder of 'Strawberry Music Festival (China)'
- 1997, established label 'Modern Sky'
- signed the contract with New Pants, Super Market, Super VC, Convenient Store, Asi, Song Dongye, Xie Tianxiao

Tom Windish(US)

‘The Windish Agency’ CEO

Current 'The Windish Agency' CEO
- 2013 Pollstar Awards: Independent Booking Agency of the Year
- 2012 Pollstar Awards: Independent Booking Agency of the Year
- 2012 Billboard Magazine: 40 under 40

Yang Yu

'MIDI Festival’ Director

Current, ‘MIDI Festival’ Director
Former, ‘Rock in China’ Web Director
- ‘Painkiller Magazine’ Director
- ‘AFM Records’ Assistant Manager
- ‘Evil Message Magazine’ EDI

WON-SUK CHOI(Republic of Korea)

Executive Producer, Senior Producer |

Asia Music Network, Strategic Project Division, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

Wonsuk Choi is the Executive Producer of the Asia Music Network, and Senior Producer in the Strategic Project Division of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. Wonsuk joined MBC as a TV Pr oducer in 1995 mainly working for weekend variety program shows, comedy, and entertainme nt sectors. He also planned and produced an award winning coverage program, <NEWS WHO> in 2007.

Alexander Juszkiewicz(USA)

Gibson Guitar Global Director

Andrey Klyukin(Russia)

‘J Group’ General Director, ‘Wild Mint Festival’ Director

Current, ‘J Group’ General Director, ‘Wild Mint Festival’ Director
- ‘J Group’ General Director since 2007
- organize one new festival each year
- direct ‘Moscow New Year’, ‘Moscow Jam’, ‘Shrovetide’
- communicate with over 300 artists from over 20 countries

Chalermchai Mahagitsiri(Thai)

411 Entertainment CEO

Current, 411 Entertainment CEO
- An Executive Vice Chairman of Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited.
- CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited.
- Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Unique Mining Services Public Company Limited.
- Director in Posco Thainox Public Company Limited

Chee Meng(Singapore)

스포티파이 홍보이사

David J Pichilingi(UK)

Sound City’ Director

Current, ‘Sound City’ Director
- established Sound City in 2006
- Sound City has grown to be the grandest festival among the same genre in UK
- Currently, the brand is developed with festivals in New York, Dubai, Norway and Australia.

Edwin Tan(Malaysia)

'Suria Records' CEO

Current 'Suria Records' CEO
Former ‘SRC’ Managing Director
- develop Malaysian artists such as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, New Boyz, Sofaz, Noraniza Idris
- 'One stop Music’ Director
- co-worked with Peterpan, Rossa, Ungu, Afgan, D'Bagindas, Sherina
- conduct Singaporean artist promotion such as Taufik Batisah, Hady Mirza and Sarah Aqila

Gregory Markel(USA)

Current 'Creative Infusions' CEO

Current 'Creative Infusions' CEO
Former Marketing Manager
- provide search engine optimization, search marketing, social media, mobile/TV commercials, digital marketing service
- Sony, Universal, Gibson Musical Instruments, Warner Bros. PR service

Igor Lagutenko(Russia)

‘V-ROX Festival’ International Relations Director

Current, ‘V-ROX Festival’ International Relations Director
Former, ‘Echotape’ Tour Manager
- served 2012 Quintessentially VIP
- served 2013 Limelight Nova VIP
- ‘Mumiy Troll’ Manager

Jeremy Hulsh

‘3A Productions’ International Artist Booking Manager/Director

Current, ‘3A Productions’ International Artist Booking Manager/Director
Former, ‘Tribune Broadcasting Company’ Manager
- ‘Oleh! Records’ Director
- conduct production collaboration for export and optimization of Israel music
- ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’ music producing collaboration

Justin Sweeting

‘Clockenflap' Music Director

Current, ‘Clockenflap' Music Director
- Clockenflap Festival Co-founder
- Clockenfap Festival is a festival of music and art, held in November to December every year in Hong Kong, China. It is the biggest festival in Hong Kong since 2008.

Kaz Michijima

PROMIC Director

Current, PROMIC Director
- TIMM Booking Agent / Programmer
- PROMIC (Japanese Music Industry/Culture Promotion Foundation)
- Warner Music Japan International Artist Marketing/Promotion Director

Maho Kakehi

Summer Sonic Director

Current, Summer Sonic Director
- Asia Korean Team Manager, Korean-Japanese music agent, musical journalist
- stayed in Korea from 2004 to 2007
- constantly visited Korea to dig up Korean artists and offer them chances to perform in Japan
- support Japanese artist to approach to Korean music scene

Mia Johannes(Indonesia)

Art Director, Performance Artist, Music Producer

Current Art Director, Performance Artist, Music Producer
Former ‘Fremantle Media’ COO
- perform arts of the combination of Indonesian traditional arts and contemporary elements

Michal Kaščák

Pohoda Festival Founder / CEO / International artist booking

Current, Pohoda Festival Founder/CEO/International artist booking
- started from 8 bands, currently developed as the most influential festival in Slovakia
- show various kinds of arts such as music, fine art, performing art

Neil Thompson(Thai)

BEC-TERO Entertainment Deputy Managing Director

Current, BEC-TERO Entertainment Deputy Managing Director
- Thailand’s premier concert and event organizer.
- brought the international superstars such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna, Beyonce, and Big Bang

ONG Peng Chu(Malaysia)

'SCAPR' Director

Current 'SCAPR' Director
Former Composer, Producer, and Artist
- Malaysian performers and artists rights management Director
- over 28 years of career in music copyright and production
- The first Asian 'SCAPR' Director
- 'FIM&FIA' Asia Sole Coordinator

Quốc Trung

Director of Monsoon Music Festival

Current, Director of Monsoon Music Festival
- a spotlight at the capital of culture, Hanoi.
- organized according to the model of popular music festival with the participation of featured artists from Vietnam and worldwide.

Takuya Yamazaki(Japan)

'Field-R Law Firm' Founder/Managing Partner

Current 'Field-R Law Firm' Founder/Managing Partner
- 2009 awarded ‘The Best Lawyers
- Professional attorney of 'Media and Entertainment', 'Sports'

Tuksaya Teeyanardta

T-Group President

Current, T-Group President
- A Thai Entertainment company, T group holdings co., ltd.
- owns events, concerts, copyrights and music channel no.3 and no.7
- organize concerts for K-pop stars such as Se7en, 2PM, and Xia.
- organize fan meetings for Running Man, Song Seung-Heon and so on.

Yuthana boonorm

'Big Mountain Festival’ Director

Current, ‘Big Mountain Festival’ Director
Former, ‘GayRay Unit’ Managing Director
- established GayRay, the music event agency under GMM Grammy
- participated in many festival projects such as Genie Fest
- GMM Grammy PLC Vice President
- Gan 555 Director